What is the Aprendo Contigo Volunteer Work?

Volunteering is an opportunity to inspire and change lives from concrete experiences in joint commitments.

The corporate Aprendo Contigo volunteer work is a non-paid service whose primary objective is to escort the pediatric patient during hospitalization and / or medical treatment tworking with the main tasks of childhood: study and play.

Aprendo Contigo has more than 230 volunteers called Educational Assistants (EAs) that come from different professions and nationalities, committing to attend one shift a week.

Which are the types of the Aprendo Contigo volunteer work?

Regular Educational Assistants

Are volunteers from various trades and professions who receive ongoing training for their work.
Each turn has oversight of pedagogues and psychologists hired by our program.

Paraprofessionals students

Are students from universities, institutes or schools that have an agreement with Contigo learn to perform pre professional practices, or develop social work as part of the International Baccalaureate.

Corporate volunteering

The company offers its employees the opportunity to serve the community, participating as volunteers.
The volunteer participates in an experience that enriches you as a person, turning this in your personal growth, both personal daily work as labor.

External volunteer support

They are close associates of Aprendo Contigo which support the program through the dissemination and promotion of the program.
Aprendo Contigo support from their workplaces, spreading our Christmas campaign and assisting in the sale and distribution of our products.
At the service of Contigo they learn their professions related to product design, translation into other languages, foreign contacts for possible donations, etc. knowledge

Requirements for volunteer they are:

  • Being over 18 years old.
  • Having a service vocation.
  • Having the willingness to work with children.
  • Having a positive, enthusiastic attitude.
  • Having a morning or and afternoon a week to participate in – keeping the same schedule weekly.
  • Attendance, punctuality and compromise are required for our work.

Volunteer Sign

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Hospital Classrooms

Volunteer day

INSN, Breña, de lunes a sábado de 8:00 a 1:00
Hospital de Emergencias Pediátricas, La Victoria, martes y jueves de 9:30 a 12:30
INEN, Surquillo, de lunes a sábado en las mañanas de 8:00 a 1:00 o en las tardes de 2:30 a 5:30
Albergues, en las mañanas de 8:30 a 12:30 o en las tardes de 2:30 a 5:00

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